Glossary of Terms

  1. Tumblr: a blogging platform and social network that hosts more than 50 million blogs.
  2. Dashboard: a syndicated feed of blogs you follow on your Tumblr account, updated in real time.
  3. Reblog: a function unique to Tumblr in which any blogger can re-post another blogger’s post onto their own blog, while maintaining attribution, helping to spreading the content across the network.
  4. Like: the little heart button in the upper right corner of every post on tumblr is called a like. Click the like button on any post to signal your appreciation and send warm fuzzy feelings up and down the reblog tree.
  5. Post-type: Tumblr has 7 different ways to post content: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, or video. This allows the content to display elegantly on the Dashboard in a way that feels native to the platform.
  6. Photoset: Tumblr’s solution to posting multiple photos at once. Start with a photo post, click “add another photo” and choose your preferred layout. This feature allows up to 10 photos to be beautifully displayed in the dashboard with multiple layout options and a pop-out gallery view for high-res images.
  7. Tag: a way to organize posts by labeling them with any relevant identifying word or phrase. Tags provide a way to search content on Tumblr. 
  8. Curated Tag: a community generated tag page curated by members of the Tumblr community called “Editors” to promote the best content in a specific topic.
  9. Explore: the collection of curated tags on Tumblr.
  10. Spotlight:  a highly curated showcase of our very favorite pages on Tumblr. Spotlight is a crucial destination for finding blogs to follow, and the blogs listed here rack up some of the highest follower counts on Tumblr. 
  11. Primary Blog: When you create your first blog on tumblr, you are creating your social identity on the platform. This is the identity other users will see when you follow their blogs  and like their posts. 
  12. Secondary blogs: you can have as many Tumblr blogs as you like under one account. Secondary blogs allow you to make private blogs and group blogs.
  13. Group blogs: when multiple authors of separate Tumblr accounts all contribute as members to a Secondary Blog.
  14. Bookmarklet: a tool that allows you to post directly from any browser directly to your blog (see
  15. Themes: the design of your web-facing blog (see
  16. Radar: A place on the Dashboard where one editorially selected post is promoted to the whole Tumblr community
  17. Ask Box: allows anyone to ask you questions on your Tumblr blog. All questions go straight into your Inbox in your Dashboard for moderation.
  18. Submit Feature: allows anyone to submit content to your blog. Submissions go into your Dashboard Inbox for moderation.
  19. Animated Gif: Comprised of a number of image frames that are displayed in succession, looping back to the beginning when the last frame is displayed. .GIF is an old image format, but the medium has experienced a whole new resurgence on tumblr. If a picture is worth 1000 words, an animated gif speaks volumes. 
    Below: TommyPom’s Magic Box, by Topherchris
    See more animated gifs at
  20. Cinemagraph:  a particular style of animated gif, where most of the image is stil, but part of the image animates

    Meet Me at the Bar, a Cinemagraph by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of FromMe-ToYou
  21. FuckYeah!: Quite Simply, FuckYeah is our battle cry.
    There are over 110,000 blogs on tumbr with URLS that start with FuckYeah (does not include blogs that start with fyeah, effyeah, hellyeah, heckyeah, or ohyeah- popular alternatives if your chosen fuckyeah is taken.